Our Story

League of Legends One Stop Shop was created by Tyler Morin, who has been playing League of Legends since season 2. As a player I am passionate about League of Legends, this is why I wanted to open up a shop where I am passionate about the products I will be selling. My goal is to create a website that sells League of Legend products as well as teaches players how to improve their skills and cut the learning curve that a player may have. League of Legends One Stop Shop has many products to offer from key chains to mouse pads and also action figures. But we are constantly trying to open up more product categories as well as improve the categories we have. As a visitor you have a unique perspective on this website, if you have any questions or recommendations please contact us. We are always looking to improve our website as well as our skills in game.


About the founder: (Tyler.Morin)

I was born and raised in Canada/Ontario and started playing League of Legends in high school. I found League of Legends through some high school friends that started playing the game much before I did. I still remember my first couple games playing vs Bots, not understanding what was going on but intrigued at the same time. I understand first hand how League of Legends can be a fun yet frustrating game at the same time. On the road to becoming a diamond player I must have mained almost every position and played every champion at least once. I am currently a support main and the champions I am best with are Thresh, Alistar and Nautilus. I play League of Legends with friends more often than not, i also have a tendency to play only ranked games.