League of legends gift ideas

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League of legends Gift Ideas

Before trying to find the perfect League of Legend gift ideas. You should first identify the person you are trying to gift favorite champion. If you already know the person's favorite champion, it becomes a lot easier for you to pinpoint the perfect gift.You can use our search bar to type in a champions name and all the products related to that champion will appear.


1: League of Legends Mouse PadLeague of Legends Logo Mouse Pad

Most league of legends players don't have there own custom mouse pad. You can get all kinds of custom mouse pad ranging from character pictures to different sizes. The best way to pick the perfect mouse pad as a gift is to know the person's favorite champion and get them a mouse pad that reflects that champion. In are mouse pad category there is a wide range to choose from, almost all the league of legends champions in there. Here’s the link to are mouse pad category.

2: League of Legends Key chains
Everyone has keys right? There are many key chains to choose from the hardest part isJinx rocket keychain picking the right one. Knowing the person's preferred champion is a good way to finding the right key chain to pick as a gift. Once you know the person's champion you then can pick the key chain that goes with that weapon of that champion. Personal favorites would have to be Jinx's rocket gun, Riven’s sword, Irelia’s weapon and Draven’s throwing axes. Here’s a link to are key chains category.  
3: League of Legends Action FigureRiven Action Figure

More on the expensive side of things you have action figures. Again knowing the person's preferred champion, will guide you in buying the perfect action figure as a gift. There are all kinds of different sizes to choose from as well as champions to pick from. Here’s a link to are action figure category.


4: League of Legends BraceletLeague of Legends Bracelets

A fairly inexpensive gift that can mean a lot to the right person. When it comes to League of Legends bracelets there are not too many choices to choose from, making it easier on you. Here’s a link to are bracelet listing.


5: League of Legends Plush/ToyLeague of Legends Poro Plush

Someone who likes plushes combined that with something else they love makes for a perfect gift. Although there are not too many League of Legend plush to choose from the poro plush is a cute fluffy plush you can't go wrong with.


6: League of Legends T-shirts/Clothes/HatsLeague of Legends T-shirt

Getting League of Legends apparel is a great way to show your love for the game. For this gift to work you must make sure the person you are gifting is not shy to advertise they like/love League of Legends. Keep in mind this may not be for everyone.


7: League of Legends Mystery SkinLeague of Legends Mystery Skin Gift

Mystery gifting a player a League of Legends skin is a easy and fast way to gift someone. Once you mystery gift someone they get a random skin depending on the Champions they own. Meaning they can't get a skin for a champion they do not currently own.


8: League of Legends Champion SkinLeague of Legends Champion Skin Gift

Gifting a League of Legends champion skin is another great gift. The only difference between a champion skin in a mystery skin is that you get to choose the skin you are giving. Be sure to find out what champion the player/person prefers before giving them a League of Legends champion skin.


9: League of Legends RP Gift Card 

50$ RP Gift Card

Getting a RP (Riot Points) gift card is giving the player gaming currency to unlock whatever they choose. With RP you can unlock champions, champions skins, ruins and much more.



I hope you find this information about League of Legends gift ideas useful. I wish you the best of luck finding the perfect gift for the person you are shopping for. If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below and I'll be sure to help you in any way I can. Also if you think i missed some good League of Legends gift ideas leave a comment below so everyone can see your ideas.

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