Part 13 Knowing the jungle, buff and monsters

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Understanding the jungle and the monsters/buffs it can give you. How important is the jungle and how the buff can make the difference in the game?

In the map summoners rift there are two sides to the jungle and both of them have the same amount of monsters in it, the river divides both sides of the blue teams jungle and the red teams jungle. On the bottom side of the river spawns the Dragon at 3:00, and on the top side of the river spawns the Herald/Baron, the Herald spawns at 6:00 and the Baron spawns at 20:00. The rest of the jungle spawns at 1:40 but the Rift scuttle spawns at 2:30, the Red Brambleback and Blue Sentinel spawn at 1:40 and re-spawn after 5:00 but only start the timer after all monsters in the camp are killed.

The red and blue buff can be found in the jungle and if you kill the monster with the buff you get the buff, note: That if the enemy kills you with the buff the opponent that killed you will receive the buff, only for the red and blue. The red and blue buff last 2:00, you can also have both of them at the same time, both sides of the jungle have a blue and red buff. Blue buff gives you "ap" ability power, mana regen, red buff gives you a slow/bleed effect on hit effect like auto-attacking.

Having a dragon buff or baron buff in a team fight may just give you the edge that can win the fight, this is why dragon/baron are so important to get. But getting these buffs may be difficult because the other team may try and stop you or kill you or steal the buff from you by getting the last hit on it. The best times for doing a dragon is when you have killed most or all the opponent on the other team, or if you can caught a key player on the opponent team that will make it difficult to contest it or try and steal it. In part 8 i talk more in detail about side objectives, dragon, herald/baron and there spawn timers this is just a recap.  

The monsters level up with the highest champions level in the game, making it so the monsters get stronger but as you get levels/items they get easier to kill. The monsters are the most difficult to kill at level 1, almost all junglers need help at level 1 to kill the first monster they want to kill, this makes it easier to kill the other monsters in the jungle as long as you don't take the xp/gold from your jungler. Dragons/barons are team objectives and should be done as a team, note that most junglers can't 1v1 a dragon so helping them get it is necessary if you want dragon buffs.
No champion can kill baron in a 1v1 unless they are really fed and have great full items build that will help sustain the barons damage and even then they will probably die because the baron does lots of damage to single targets. 

Note: Doing dragon/herald/baron you should always ward around the area it is in and kill the opponents wards, if done well this will give you a huge advantage over the enemy team. To kill opponent wards you can use a vision ward (pink ward) or use a sweeper trinket (red trinket) to find/kill their wards.  

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