Part 4 Map Awareness / Using Wards

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Having map awareness will help you gain the ability to catch your opponents and you will avoid getting caught. How to make the most out of your mini map and your wards?

Keeping an eye on your mini map is very helpful to keep you safe and also make plays to catch the other team off guard. Using wards is the best way to have the most vision on the map but knowing here the best places to plant your wards is important to make the most out of your vision. In this new season you can't buy sight wards "green wards" so you really need to make the most out of your trinket, you can still buy vision wards "pink wards" and only cost 75 gold. Most players don't buy "pink wards" but they are so useful at giving your team vision and taking your opponent's vision away from them.

Knowing where your opponents are is key to never getting caught, having wards where they may go is key to avoid getting caught. It also lets you play more aggressive in lane, example: if you know the opponent jungler is at top side of the map and you're bottom side you can play more aggressive in lane because there are less chances of you getting "ganked". If you keep an eye on your minimap not only for the enemy but also for your teammates knowing when you can start fights that the odds of you winning are in your favor.

Using ward in the area you need it most, this means planting wards here you think the enemy may come across, that can help you minimize the chances of you getting caught. Having a trinket is very helpful only if you use it, lots of players use their trinket time to time but not all the time. By all the time i mean as soon as it's off "CD" cool down to use it again and not keep it up for unnecessary time, to do this you need to just keep an eye out for when it's up and place yourself in a position that you can use it again. 

Building your map awareness may take some time to get the hang of it, to make it easier on yourself i recommend that you make your minimap as big as possible. To do this press the escape key on your keyboard then you're in a game, then go to interface in there you will see the mini map scale, put it at 100, then press apply. Most players would buy wards "pink wards" but most of them forget to buy them, to remind yourself you can make your own item selection and put "pink wards" on each block. To do this login to your league account, then press view/edit your summoner profile at the top right of the page, then press "itemsets" at the far right of that page, then from there you can customizes your items you will buy throughout the game.   

Note: You can only have one "pink ward" on the map at a time. Each player can put a "pink ward" on the map and they last forever but they can be destroyed by the enemy team.

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